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Score Hero – How to get more free cash

Score Hero is a unique form of soccer game for the iOS platform. Instead of playing an entire soccer match, you are thrust into various situations within a match, and your goal is to make the right sort of shots to score and succeed in order to beat the round. Read on for some tips for Score Hero android.


How to get more free cash?

Progressing through the game is the easiest way to do it, but you can also watch ads every now and then for free cash: just keep an eye out for a camera button on the mission screen and when it shows up, watch the ad for one free cash. Also, make sure you connect your game to Facebook when asked and you will get 5 free cash!

Always try to kick the ball

Always try to kick the ball to the top of the goal as well, making it harder for the goalie to jump for it, and impossible for the goalie to do anything other than that. Kick it too low and he’ll just dive or slide to stop it. Keep it high and he will have an extremely hard time doing anything about it.

Don’t use your hard earn cash to rewind.

Even though you lose a bit of energy every time you skip a rewind – and in later, multiple layer stages, this can get pretty frustrating, don’t waste your hard earned cash on that and instead wait to get all the player customizations that you want. Keep an eye on the rewind button, though, because sometimes you will be rewarded with free rewinds – and that’s something you want to take advantage of.

Practice to hit the corners

It’s basically the top or bottom corner that will be required as goals in most of the missions that you play Score Hero game, so try to master those shots and never try anything else. Remember that the easiest corner to score is the one the keeper is farthest away from, so even if the player that’s about to shoot seems to be in a more comfortable position to aim for one direction, you can always choose the right one: make sure you do so because there will be no penalty!

Use the cameras to your advantage. You can pinch and zoom, or you can zoom in to get a more detailed look at what you’re doing. Swipe along the top half of the screen to turn the camera and see who you have available to kick the ball to.

Replay stages over and over again.

Sometimes, you will need a bit of luck to get all the three stars. Sometimes you will need a different tactic, but one thing is clear: you can only get there by playing over and over again. It’s 90% sweat and 10% luck in Score Hero, but it’s an extremely enjoyable ride!

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