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Score Hero is one of those football games exciting

Description game Score Hero

Score Hero is one of those football games that cuts the beautiful game into tiny little snatches. Those little moments in each match that change the outcome one way or another.

The score is decided before you even get a chance to touch the screen. All you’re doing is completing a specific task to move things on to their inevitable conclusion.

score hero

You might not have much control over the outcome, but there’s still something genuinely thrilling about swiping through a perfect through-ball to set up another one of your players.

Score Hero provides a whole new way to play soccer that requires you to think about the position of other players, the trajectory of the ball, and the progression towards the goal. There are over 200 levels included with each one offering specific scenarios, rather than complete matches.

How to play game Score Hero

You start the game Score Hero by choosing a footballer. You’ll lead him through his career, changing teams, trying to break into the national squad, and kicking or heading the ball whenever you get the opportunity.

Every Score Hero Game is essentially a puzzle to solve. The match pauses at certain sections and you have to swipe the screen to pass the ball or shoot. The controls are responsive, and you need to curl the ball and think about each kick.

Each move has to end in a goal, and if you fail to score you’ll have to use up some energy or currency to have another go. In matches with multiple chunks of play, failing one will see you heading back to the start.


Managing to score after messing up a few times does make you feel pretty special, but having to go back and score goals you’ve already smashed into the back of the goal with style and finesse does take the shine off things a little.

You can spend the cash you earn on customising your hero with new haircuts, beards, and other accessories. They don’t make any difference other than a stylistic one though.

Players Score Hero only have a certain cone of vision, and you need to recognize the flow of the other players to try to put a ball into proper position. The most important thing is that you’re not swiping to kick, and instead want to draw the path right to where you want the ball to go, kind of like Flight Control. The path drawing lets you lead your players, as well as bend your kicks, so that you can get a feel for the strategy of soccer.

Game Score Hero for Ios

Score Hero is a new iOS soccer game that focuses on the strategy of soccer by focusing the action on the ball. Score Hero is all about contemplative touch controls. Score Hero turns soccer into a puzzle game, so that the action freezes at key moments, and then you draw paths to direct the ball.

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Score Hero Game

Score! Hero, from the award winning makers of Score! Pass, Shoot & Score your way to legendary status, as you explore the dramatic career of your HERO player over 200 challenging levels! Download and try it yourself!

Winning games, getting three stars in all stages and becoming a superstar is not easy, so we've decided to come to your help with some Score! Split defences with precise through balls, or bend shots into the top corner, putting you in control for an unrivalled mobile soccer experience.
So let's not waste any time and let's check out below Touch, Tap, Play Score! Hero tips and tricks!
- How to get more free cash? Progressing through the game is the easiest way to do it, but you can also watch ads every now and then for free cash: just keep an eye out for a camera button on the mission screen and when it shows up, watch the ad for one free cash.

- Connect with Facebook to compete against your closest friends!
- Practice to hit the corners – it's basically the top or bottom corner that will be required as goals in most of the missions that you play , so try to master those shots and never try anything else.
- Things can, of course, go wrong, and when you make a pass that doesn't come off, you're presented with two options; you can either use one of your aforementioned dollars (amassed automatically from successful stages or from watching video ads) to rewind the last pass or shot you made, or you can simply let the game take you back to the start of the match, which itself drains some energy from your meter.
- You can try different strategies and more might work, but it's important to have one strategy set as soon as you start playing and try to follow it, otherwise you will certainly end up missing your chance.

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