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Score! Hero is one of the excellent football game for phones and devices using android OS 4.0 or higher. Other than the games of the same genre, instead of focusing on realistic simulation of the game, or the management team. Score Hero For Android gives gamers a great experience with one-touch play and foul to peak.


Score Hero android

Immediately after loading the hero hack android game score of machine players will play a young inexperienced apprentice players started breaking into the first team and step by step on the way to becoming legendary football. Initially, you are choosing the characters with shape, color specific to each geographical region and nationality anymore. Especially with the presence of the red flag with yellow star Vietnam, this football game promises to bring gamers Vietnam last moments of his teammates to bring glory to the country

In Game Score Hero For Android, players will not participate in the entire 90 minutes as in FIFA, but only engage in critical situations can change the outcome of the match. It can be a free kick from outside the area 16m50, one sloping marginal pace “altar” the ball into the box, a goal kick counter from home, one dangerous corner kick … Score! Hero

Link download Score Hero: http://scorehero.net/

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